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We are AI architects

In today's tech-driven world, innovation is key to staying ahead.

EON.AI is here to help your business leverage AI and use the latest AI trends like Generative AI, Voice AI, RAG System, Predictive AI, Machine Learning and more.

We provide both off-the-shelf and customized tech solutions to boost your competitive advantage and propel your success.


Voice call AI

AI that answer or call client using company data using custom RAG and mix multiple LLM and custom functions. Answering via web or phone with custom voices in different languages naturally. Also link the same back-end to help answer or triage email, chat, SMS and Whatsapp. We already replaced couple of first level Customer Support.

  • Performance: <800ms voice response time
  • Technology: Speech-To-text, Custom LLM, Text-To-Speech, Twilio API

Floor Plan Detection AI

Detect floorplan or blue print within real estate pictures. Custom model optimized for speed and cost efficiency.

  • Client: Triplemint in 2020
  • Performance: <90ms detection
  • Technology: Tensorflow, Golang

Homeowner Predictive AI

Predicting if a home owner is likely to sell his home within 3 months. We created a graph model using People, School, Traffic, Transit, Property, Transaction History and Mortgage databases.

  • Client: Home61 in 2019
  • Performance: 70% success prediction
  • Technology: Neo4J, Python

Generated Lead Websites AI

Automatically create over 2,000+ AI-driven real estate websites from domain purchase, logo design, unique content, updated listings, SEM campaign and all optimized for conversions and google ranking. Generated more than 200 qualified lead per day.

  • Client: Home61 in 2016
  • Performance: 10:1 ratio revenue to cost
  • Technology: Artificial Neural Network, LSTM, Tensorflow, Domain API, Adwords API, Twilio API, MLS API

Product Video AI

Generate themed video for every product based images and description and automatically pushed on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok, Pinterest and Youtube. Images, motion design and music are synced automatically using AI.

  • Client: Shopify in 2015
  • Performance: 400% more visibility
  • Technology: Social Media API, PHP