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Technology affects almost every aspect of our daily life very quickly and is disrupting all the conventional industries.
At EON.AI LLC we aim to help our client to leverage the latest technology tools in their business

We leverage smart technologies like Machine Learning, Artifical Neural Network and Data Analysis to help companies outstand their competition.

Machine Learning First

Work with SEO/SEM

We worked with a SEO/SEM team to create an Artificial Neural Network using Tensorflow and Keras, that generate original text content.
Coupled with templated SEO optimized websites, API and automation we created a very efficient way to generate traffic and lead.
The current solution produce an exceptional marketing 10:1 ratio revenue to cost.

Work in Real Estate

We worked with a Proptech to create a turnkey solution to do Real-Estate Predictive Analysis.
Our model predict who will sell or rent his home in the current few month with an impressive accuracy.
We had to import, clean and analyse a large set of datapoint from Real Estate MLS, Appraisals, Public Data and scraped sources and affine with local agent.

We also worked closely with the Closing team to generate automated real-estate contract. We had to import legacy contracts and do algorithm supervision to perfectly fit.
The process has been streamlined and is regularly revised by the legal team. It generates contract in seconds instead of days!

MLS Compliant

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